How Truewater protects you from VoIP hacks

By July 5, 2017 VoIP

Because VoIP uses the same data channels as the rest of your IT infrastructure, many companies consider it an additional security risk. However, by correctly integrating VoIP with the rest of your IT infrastructure and taking the steps necessary to secure and monitor your network, you can safeguard yourself against VoIP-based attacks just as you can protect your business from other cybersecurity threats. In fact, VoIP theoretically offers even more opportunities than conventional landline systems to protect your business’s communications.

What are the most common VoIP vulnerabilities?

The main weakness of a VoIP system is its connection to your network. However, this inherent weakness is also one of the greatest strengths of internet-based communications, since it allows you to transmit data and video alongside voice for improved marketing, support and productivity.

Many VoIP vulnerabilities are much the same as those that can affect other areas of your IT infrastructure. These are some examples of the most common concerns that businesses have when they’re thinking about migrating to VoIP services:

  • Eavesdropping through “man-in-the-middle” attacks
  • Remote execution of malware in VoIP service databases
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks causing service disruption
  • Password management and authentication breaches
  • Extracting data from live and recorded VoIP sessions

How to solve your VoIP security concerns

Though the benefits of VoIP are unquestionable, the technology requires a robust infrastructure to be secure, and this includes both physical and digital protection. Here at Truewater, we provide the hardware, support and service you need to build a VoIP system that offers the flexibility and cost savings needed to help you drive your business forward.

One of the most important steps toward securing your VoIP communications is to implement the measures necessary to prevent outsiders from eavesdropping on your calls and stealing potentially sensitive information. Unlike in the case of traditional telephony, VoIP communications travel in packets of digital information which, without the proper security protocols, can be intercepted and extracted by cybercriminals listening in on your conversations.

Our technicians help prevent the contents of your VoIP sessions from ending up in the wrong hands by implementing high-end user authentication and data encryption. In other words, even if someone does manage to access the packets of VoIP data, they will be unable to make any sense out of them. Unsurprisingly, this is especially important in the case of businesses offering medical and financial services, which are also subject to strict regulatory compliance.

Fraud prevention

It’s also important for administrators to maintain a tight grip on the management of their VoIP networks and accounts to prevent data loss and any unnecessary disruption to the service.

Administrators must have the ability to immediately revoke access to employees who have either left the company or broken the rules laid out by your security policy. Having complete control over your VoIP system also allows you to define user permission levels, manage extension numbers, block certain caller IDs, or enable or disable international calling.

Aside from encrypting data and defining access permissions, you should also install built-in fraud prevention measures. With this added layer of service, it’s possible to continuously monitor the system for any potentially suspicious activity and send alerts to administrators automatically.

For example, Truewater systems provide application and infrastructure layers designed to identify and guard against potential service abuse, toll fraud and credentials theft. Our team will also help you identify and deal with so-called ‘vishing’ scams, which are the VoIP equivalent of email phishing scams.

Truewater offers VoIP solutions for businesses seeking smarter and more affordable ways to talk. Our scalable systems grow with your business while keeping in line with the latest cybersecurity standards and protocols. To find out how you can start saving with VoIP, drop us a line today.



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