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As a small or medium sized business owner, you deserve a managed help desk in Houston that’s available 24/7 and resolves issues in a timely manner. However, all too often, the third-party IT help desk teams that business owners rely upon are unavailable and unresponsive. At Truewater, we understand how critical a high-functioning IT system is to your everyday operations. That’s why our highly trained technicians offer knowledgeable, best-in-class help desk solutions. Contact us today for our IT support services in Houston.


What are IT Help Desk Services?

Help desk services are offered by managed service providers, such as Truewater, to companies looking to outsource their IT support. As a less expensive alternative to an in-house IT team, managed help desk support services handle a wide variety of problems, ranging from user issues to complex server malfunctions. In some cases, companies retain their internal IT teams, alleviating the mundane, repetitive tasks and allowing them to instead focus on revenue-growing activities.

As client issues come through, they are assigned to a specific professional depending on the complexity and type. In order to offer 24/7/365 availability and support, technicians rotate on a shift-by-shift basis. With our managed IT services in Houston, the professionals can monitor systems and devices to proactively solve problems before they escalate.

Some examples of responsive IT help desk services include:

  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
  • User administration and management
  • Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, server, storage, and network device support
  • Browser, application, and email assistance

Benefits of Managed Help Desk Support Services

Among the top benefits of our managed help desk in Houston is the team’s ability to diagnose and resolve IT issues efficiently and effectively. It’s crucial for the managed service provider to equip teams with the education and resources necessary to exceed customer expectations. Additionally, a third-party IT support team should be responsive and available at all times, even on weekends and holidays. The continuous support ensures your IT systems and processes are always running smoothly, and any problems are quickly resolved.

For companies whose internal IT teams are spread thin from repetitive in-house user issues, a managed help desk service can alleviate the responsibility and allow them to focus on company initiatives. Plus, a reliable third-party can resolve issues quicker than that of an internal IT team, due to the wide range of clients served and problems encountered. Users will thus experience faster, more comprehensive support that will allow them to increase productivity and company-wide efficiency.

Why Choose Our Outsourced Help Desk Service

At Truewater, we take pride in our deep industry knowledge. As a managed help desk support service provider for nearly two decades, we’ve seen it all. Our expert IT technicians know devices, networks, and systems inside and out, and are constantly striving to learn more. When you choose our Houston IT help desk services, you’ll receive industry-leading expertise and problem-solving methodologies.

It’s our goal to ensure your systems and users work as efficiently as possible. The certified IT technicians we employ work swiftly and professionally to resolve even the most complex of issues. When you grant your users access to a 24/7/365 managed help desk support team, their problems will be solved quickly, reducing downtime and improving performance.

Contact the Premier Houston IT Managed Help Desk Team Now

Whatever your current IT situation, we’re certain our managed help desk support services will improve your system’s capabilities and boost user productivity. Our twenty years of experience have allowed us to remain agile with ever-changing technology, so rest assured that the service you receive is professional and top-of-the-line. Whether you’re looking to alleviate your internal team or invest in responsive services that will solve user problems, we’re your partner. Contact us today to get started.


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