What is SharePoint?

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What is SharePoint? | Truewater

OneDrive and SharePoint work together to store, sync, and serve files and documents to users. OneDrive actively syncs files between the cloud and your PC, while SharePoint, a browser-based software, helps collaboration by using dynamic and frequently user-editable websites. Therefore, SharePoint is so much more than only data storage.

SharePoint Document Library

One of SharePoint’s many features is the ability to create “Document Libraries.” These libraries can inherit permissions from websites or break them down if needed. For instance, a “Personal” OneDrive is a SharePoint document library. The “Business” OneDrive is a separate library, as shown below:

Comparing OneDrive & SharePoint - Truewater

Those who use shared folders on local servers must follow multiple steps to access files remotely. They must first connect to the company’s VPN (virtual private network), then reconnect to the mapped drive. Conversely, SharePoint libraries provide a location for data and securely allow accessibility anywhere at any time, without a VPN. OneDrive and SharePoint sync results in a much more streamlined and productive way.

Benefits of SharePoint

SharePoint users can take advantage of its numerous features and benefits:

Data Sanitation

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of SharePoint is data sanitation. A typical file server may host various data on the same drive. Although information such as human resources, accounting, and public data may exist in separate folders, it’s unfortunately all too common that a file permissions error occurs. Users may then have access to sensitive information.

SharePoint, on the contrary, allows companies to create separate sites for each department, complete with individual document libraries and inheritable permissions. As such, they can enjoy an extra layer of confidentiality.


Additionally, through OneDrive, users can open a file in SharePoint through their PC’s file explorer. Then, once they save their changes, coworkers can view the document immediately on their devices. Multiple users can also edit the document simultaneously, seeing others’ edits in real-time and boosting productivity.

Easy Access

SharePoint provides users with secure cloud locations for their critical data, while OneDrive ensures each document syncs and stays up-to-date on every device. From an end-user perspective, the technologies look and behave as if they reside on each PC at the same time.

Get Started With SharePoint Online

Companies of all sizes can significantly benefit from SharePoint’s features. SharePoint and OneDrive allow users to gain confidence that their files remain protected, secure, and up-to-date on multiple devices. 

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