Specialized IT Support for Oil & Gas Industry

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Prepare your oil, gas, or chemical industry business with reliable IT

Whether flying to an offshore oil platform on a helicopter or entering a high security petrochemical plant, Truewater technicians are ready to take care of your IT infrastructure. We have the hard hats! Deep in the heart of Houston, Truewater has seen boom and bust in the oil patch. Competition is fierce and wasting time or money on poor technology cannot be tolerated. No matter what your industry, you need an experienced IT services partner that can analyze your business and match your technology to your needs.

Truewater provides managed IT services in Houston with documented processes and procedures. We have experience implementing large cloud infrastructures like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS). These services are ideal for businesses that require limited down time. Large cloud infrastructure services work well in situations where servers need to be spun up quickly to accommodate rapid expansion or quickly downsized.

IT Consulting in Houston, TX

IT Security is a critical component of an IT infrastructure plan that too often is downplayed or even overlooked. Truewater provides specialized products to protect your data and prevent intrusion attempts. Whether bad actors are maliciously trying to hack your system or employees are unintentionally inviting them in, your business needs the protection supplied by an experienced IT service professional.

As part of the IT service array, Truewater provides enterprise class firewalls, switches and backup devices that are essential security components. Our technicians are trained extensively on these products, ensuring expertise and enhanced protection.

Because of our sophisticated backup and IT disaster recovery services in Houston, crypto locker and other malicious hacks can be neutralized by rolling back to a prior backup instance before the virus. Your team can continue to operate with barely any awareness of an attack. With this system, if disaster strikes, Truewater can have your system up and running in the cloud within an hour. When you calculate how much one hour of downtime can cost on average, these systems can save a business.

Truewater has literally brought on new clients with poorly managed server infrastructure that failed within days. These failures occurred before replacement servers could have even been ordered, much less received. But as soon as a new client begins service, Truewater spins up the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) device. So, despite server failure, the clients never experienced down time. In addition, to backup and disaster recovery, this device has continuity.

Continuity means you can continue to work despite the disaster. Backup protects your data, but continuity is what allows your people to continue business operations. Truewater devices allow you, if needed, to failover either to an onsite device or a replica of your system in the cloud. Regardless of the situation on the ground at your facility, our IT consulting service in Houston allows your business to continue to operate.

Vendor Management Services

Truewater will work with your line of business (LOB) vendor to ensure your infrastructure backbone has enough power to keep your system operating smoothly. We will assist the LOB vendor with updates and access. Whether you are using any of these popular LOBs or something else, Truewater’s IT vendor management services in Houston make management and support seamless.

  • Verizon Connect – fleet management solutions;
  • DSF Oil and Gas Distribution – vertical ERP;
  • GasTrak – gas trading, scheduling and, accounting system;
  • Verizon Reveal – fleet management solutions;
  • Fishbowl Inventory – inventory management system;
  • Freightview – transportation management system; or
  • The Drerek – accounting system for oil and gas industry.

While Truewater has the expertise to manage IT support for a variety of industries, oil and gas and chemical industries have been our favorite. Since all our operations are Houston based, we have been here during the wild financial swings. We know when times are good, oil and gas can be one of our best clients and when oil and gas is not so good, Truewater can be one of your best partners. Truewater implements the best technology to match your current business needs by matching your growth and financial goals with your IT spend.

To ensure that your IT spend is suited to your current needs, a Truewater vCIO will consult with you regarding your projected needs. The vCIO, while technical, is a business consultant. They focus on business needs to arrive at the correct solution. The right solution is more than a technology solution.

What is the company’s growth, budget, acquisition, leverage and how does this effect the IT solution spend? A person fluent only in technology, may not understand the business reasons that make a technology solution the right solution for the company at various stages. The more you can share your business objectives, the better your vCIO can facilitate formulating a system that matches your business goals.

Truewater is your professional IT department working with you over the long term to assist in making every IT dollar you spend contribute to your bottom line. This type of collaboration keeps your company competitive and strong. While the oil and gas industry can be extremely lucrative, the fierce competition increases the risk. So, whether times are good or not so good, wise technology decisions can play a significant part in winning. Trusting in Truewater is a winning solution!

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