Patch Management Services

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In our increasingly digitized world, companies everywhere have leveraged a variety of software, applications, networks, and tools to complete their everyday tasks. As such, it’s more important than ever to ensure your network systems are up-to-date, compliant, secure, and reliable with patch management services. Any data breach or cyberattack can shut down a business for days, which can produce a domino effect of missed deadlines, frustrated customers, and the threat of exposed private information.

However, effectively monitoring and updating systems not only prevents cybercriminals from exploiting your secure data, but it also ensures your programs are fully optimized. At Truewater, our team of IT professionals works to deliver the security of a continuously monitored and up-to-date system so that your business can focus on what matters most. The patch management services we provide keep your organization reliable, efficient, and competitive. Contact us today to get started.


Patch Management Defined

Patch management is the process of distributing and applying updates to operating systems, applications, and software across a network. When functionality errors or vulnerabilities (also called “bugs”) arise, patches correct them, thus minimizing the risks of unplanned downtime and cyberattacks. When you partner with patch management experts, not only will your company’s infrastructure be fully monitored and secure, but you’ll also receive a team that will identify and resolve unexpected issues. 

Why Your Business Needs Patch Management Services

Without an effective patch management strategy in place, you risk exposing your company and its data to performance issues, crashes, reboots, and cyberattacks. In order to effectively safeguard your infrastructure, patch management is a must. Reasons to invest in a patch management strategy include:

  • Security. The purpose of patch management is to fix vulnerabilities within your software and applications that could be exposed to cyberattacks, which in turn helps your company reduce its risk.
  • Compliance. Cyberattacks are continuously on the rise, and as a result, companies are required by regulatory entities to follow certain protocols that protect against potential threats. Those that don’t can face significant fines. Patch management is vital to your organization’s adherence to compliance standards.
  • Running systems. When your software, operating systems, and applications are kept up-to-date and monitored for optimal performance through patch management, downtime is significantly reduced.
  • Improved features. Products constantly offer new features designed to make your work day easier. Patch management can go beyond fixing bugs that arise to implement feature updates as well, ensuring you always have access to the next big thing.

Not only does a detailed patch management strategy benefit your organization, but your customers, as well. Increased uptime and productivity allows your team to utilize the applications needed to communicate with prospects, create sales presentations, and more, all on a secure, reliable network.

Why Choose Truewater’s Patch Management Solution

Patch management requires much more planning and purpose than simply applying updates to all organization assets once they’re available. It’s impossible to know the potential impact that a patch can make on your critical infrastructure. Therefore, when you partner with Truewater, we’ll take an informed approach to your patch management. The Truewater team has extensive experience in the field of data center operations, and our proven patch management strategies allow you to operate within a secure, compliant environment.

Whether you utilize Linux, Microsoft, Mac, or another third-party operating system, you can be confident that our experts will deploy the necessary patches while minimizing downtime. Additionally, we implement roll-back plans and system backups should any unforeseen issues occur during the patching process, so that your organization never misses a beat. When no patches are available, we continuously verify and confirm your current inventory in order to gain an informed understanding.

Keep Your Systems Running with Patch Deployment

Truewater has been helping small and medium sized businesses with effective and affordable managed IT services in Houston for nearly 20 years. We’ve adapted to the many changes, curveballs, and innovations that the past two decades have presented, and we’re capable of helping you do the same. Plus, as your business grows and your needs change, we’ll adjust our services right alongside you, providing the same level of expertise and customer support.

When it comes to asset security and compliance, Truewater’s patch management services are second to none. The best part? We perform every patch behind the scenes, so you can focus on running a successful business within a secure ecosystem. We’re also here to answer any questions you may have with 24/7 support. To get started with efficient patch management services, contact us today!


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