Managed IT Services in Houston

Truewater’s Managed IT Services, gives you IT support for all your software and hardware needs for a flat monthly amount you can afford. With Truewater, you get professional IT service better and cheaper than trying to do it all in-house. If you are growing a business in today’s market, you require the latest technology and IT support to succeed. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), discover that the ongoing cost of technology and IT services can tax their budgets. Truewater offers a better IT solution.

Here are a few of ways Truewater’s Managed IT Services will help you.

  • Access Truewater’s Helpdesk as much as you want for a fixed rate. It’s located in Houston.
  • Be assured your desktops and servers stay healthy when managed by Truewater’s advanced technology.
  • Stop worrying with email spam; instead let Truewater get rid of spam.
  • Stay productive and in-touch with Truewater’s email continuity.
  • Keep informed with Truewater’s detailed software and hardware reports.

Over the last ten years, IT Services have changed significantly. Unlike large corporations, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) could not afford the same manpower or technology to take care of their computer needs. But much has changed over the past few years with the development of our sophisticated software which automates much of the routine IT maintenance.

The Smart Way to do IT

If you are still relying exclusively on an on-site technician to take care of all your computer needs, you are not utilizing the latest technology tools to bring your IT service cost down. Nor are you resolving computer issues as quickly as possible. And this is the same whether the on-site technical engineer is on your payroll or is out-sourced to an IT company.

An experienced and capable on-site technician plays a valuable role to your IT solutions. But if you are using an intelligent and well-paid technical engineer to defrag discs and deploy simple patches, you are underutilizing the talent of this IT professional. That is where Truewater’s sophisticated Managed IT Services software can do the routine jobs faster and more reliably for less.

Consider the manpower cost and inefficiency if you were using a traffic cop at every intersection instead of a red light. We are not saying on-site technicians are unnecessary; but they need to be used effectively if you want IT services to be cost-effective.

Truewater, with a staff of close to thirty Microsoft Certified engineers, has been helping companies and organization with IT Services for over ten years. We are one of the largest Managed IT Services companies in Houston, Texas. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and discover your IT service needs.

Network Management System

Managing a computer network is no small feat, especially as your SMB continues to grow and expand. Our team is knowledgeable about the necessary equipment required to keep your systems running efficiently and effectively, including setting up cloud computing.

We work with you to make sure your computer networks are optimized to operate together. Plus, we provide a secure infrastructure design that is scalable as your team grows.

Service Desk Support

Remote network support through our help desk allows you to access our experienced team even when hours are least convenient, because problems can’t always wait for business hours.

Plus, unlike other desk support solutions such as keeping an in-house team or outsourcing abroad, we are often more cost-effective for our local clients and understand the market right in your backyard! Our support team becomes part of your team and offers high-quality service no matter the hour. We can even provide support when disaster recovery is an essential need because we anticipate our client’s needs.

Email Management

Our managed IT solutions for email focus on whitelisting the contacts you want to see and filtering out the messages you don’t. We understand how easy it is for businesses to be inundated with spam, not to mention run the risk of malware infiltrating your system.

We provide inbound and outbound messaging security with email encryption so that communication leaving your network is just as secure as communication coming in to you and your employees.

Detailed Network Audits and Reporting

Understanding what your network looks like from the inside out can be complex, but not for the IT team at Truewater! We regularly provide evaluations of your current network resources, as well as determine if you have any system bottlenecks that prevent your bandwidth from being used in an effective way.

Not only do we report on our findings, but we provide solutions to your IT problems like any true partner should. We know you don’t have the time or resources to uncover flaws in your system; let us do the heavy lifting!

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