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Personalized Remote Small Business Network Security

More businesses than ever are utilizing a remote work structure. With the help of new technologies, employees can be connected to their jobs anywhere in the world at any time. When the work is completed away from a centralized location, how can your sensitive data be protected?

With Truewater’s responsive network monitoring and remote managed IT services in Houston on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your important information is protected 24/7. A data breach or malicious software infiltration can shut your small business down for days, which can be devastating. However, when you partner with us, you’ll work with professionals that are experienced in preventing and catching sophisticated hackers.

Our decades in the cybersecurity industry have allowed us to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, not only are we able to implement the best personalized IT solutions, but we also stay up to date with the latest industry trends. When you choose Truewater, you receive a team of experts that will get your IT security done correctly the first time. Should you ever have a question or concern, our trained technicians will answer your call in seconds. If you’re ready to get started with our remote managed IT services in Houston, contact us today.


How Does Remote IT Security Work?

At Truewater, we ideate and implement advanced cybersecurity strategies that prevent data breaches, unauthorized access, and other IT security threats that your organization’s network may face, even if it is remote. When our partnership begins, we’ll assess your current server and network infrastructure then develop a personalized report that includes recommendations for improving your business’ IT security.

Some common concerns about cybersecurity you might have encountered include:

  • Data breaches – A data breach in your company’s sensitive information can have wide-ranging implications and cause issues of compliance for your business. It can also impact how much others trust you to keep their information secure. Our remote managed IT services in Houston help maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information by blocking sophisticated hackers from gaining access to your company’s remote assets and network.
  • Malware – You or an employee receive a suspicious email and click a link, unknowingly exposing your entire network to malicious software. A malware attack can shut down a company for days or weeks, depending on the severity, and spread to your customers. The result can be overwhelming, stressful, and impact your bottom line. Our remote IT security services can help prevent malware before it has a chance to spread throughout your company’s infrastructure.
  • Ransomware – The last thing you want is to discover someone has not only gained access to your data, but wants you to pay them to gain it back. These scams are typically invalid but scare many business owners into sending tens of thousands of dollars each year to unknown entities looking for a quick buck. You can depend on our robust IT security services in Houston to keep hackers away from you and your employees, wherever they may be located.
  • Crypto-locker – Viruses that spread to your hardware, including USB drives, are especially damaging because they can be transferred from one device to another, eventually spreading throughout your network. Our remote IT specialists are able to identify such an issue and promptly eliminate it so that the virus does not impact your entire network and devices.
  • Phishing – As one of the most common threats to your private information, phishing can repeatedly occur unnoticed, causing significant damage. The attacker disguises themselves as a coworker or friend requesting information via email. Since they portray a false identity, users fall victim to their tactics and provide the information requested without thinking twice. However, our team of remote cybersecurity specialists is able to target malicious senders by identifying their email address, the timing of their message, and any suspicious attachments, so you can continue business as usual.

Benefits of Our Houston Remote Computer & Network Security

As a leader in the Houston cybersecurity market for nearly twenty years, Truewater’s team of experts will develop a strategy that best suits your business. We know what it takes to protect private information as well as defend networks against malicious software and hackers. Regardless of your company’s industry or size, there’s a remote IT solution for you. Plus, we understand that as businesses grow, their needs change. We adjust and adapt our personalized network services as your company expands.

Truewater offers customizable cybersecurity services that can help your small or medium-sized business succeed — below are some of the primary benefits of using Truewater for your remote computer and network security:

  • 24/7 Server and Network Monitoring & Maintenance – Gone are the days of worrying about whether your information will be leaked. With Truewater’s remote network monitoring and maintenance, no issue will go unnoticed.
  • Firewall & Network Security – Your internal network contains private data that not just anyone should be able to access. Our firewall and network security services establish a protective barrier between your information and the internet at large.
  • Friendly, Local Support – Centrally located in Houston, TX, our technicians will guide you through whatever question or concern you may have. We’re just a quick phone call away.
  • Reduced Costs – Time is money when it comes to running your business. Don’t let an inexperienced beginner handle your IT security, where you would have to get involved if something were to happen. Our team handles everything for you, so that you can focus on your work.
  • Access to a Wide Network of IT Professionals – Choosing Truewater’s IT specialists for your remote cybersecurity means that you receive an extension of your own team. We work together to ensure all of your processes run smoothly.

Get Started with Remote Managed IT Services in Houston

Having a remote workforce doesn’t mean your IT infrastructure needs to be complicated. At Truewater, we create custom strategies that maintain your networks and protect your critical data. We take the confusion out of remote managed IT services in Houston, and we’re always available to assist you with whatever you need. Whether you require extensive crypto-lockers, malware protection, or more, you can trust Truewater’s wide network of IT experts.

If you’re seeking a responsive partner that will handle all your network monitoring and management needs as you work remotely, look no further than our IT support services in Houston. Let us handle the computer aspect, so you can focus on your successful company. Contact us today to get started with your personalized remote cybersecurity services!


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