IT Support Done Right the First Time

When it comes to IT Services, Truewater is the Small Business expert. For close to 20 years, we’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses with reliable, affordable IT support services in Houston, TX. Technology changes rapidly and you need professionals that know the computer industry inside and out. Don’t leave IT support to beginners who through innocent mistakes can bring your technology to a grinding halt.

Get IT support done right the first time. Our team of trained technicians will answer your phone call in seconds and immediately start to fix your IT support issues. Truewater offers a wide selection of IT services including designing, building and maintaining computer networks, IT security, Backup and IT disaster recovery, Office 365, SharePoint, and cloud computing services in Houston.

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IT Services for Your Computer Needs

As your business grows and prospers, the quality of your IT infrastructure will require a new approach to keep up with your technology demands. The people managing your IT services will need to have the expertise to manage larger, growing networks. As a company grows in either production or revenue, the correct IT infrastructure decisions become more critical. Down-time becomes costlier. As your headcount grows, employee productivity issues magnify. If you anticipate growth, you must also anticipate making timely changes in the way you manage your IT support.

Information Technology is one of the fastest-changing industries. This means that the way your IT support issues were managed, just a few years back, may no longer be what works best for you today. Just a few of the rapidly changing areas are Office 365, IT security, cloud hosting, and SharePoint.

For close to 20 years, Truewater has been helping companies grow their business with smart technology decisions. Truewater Managed IT Services has the advanced tools, knowledge and manpower needed by successful companies as their IT support needs grow and mature.

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Outsourced IT Support

Are you looking to outsource your IT management support? Do you want to enhance the computer infrastructure you currently have? Truewater provides an in-depth IT consultation to uncover your technology needs and provide a personalized strategy for effective ways to implement IT support that will improve performance and ensure business continuity.

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Selecting IT Professionals

Information Technology changes so fast that when hiring technicians, we know that a candidate will be lagging in his technical skills if he has been out of the day to day network support for more than six months. We have even seen technicians in these circumstances start to make unnecessary and even risky changes to a well-functioning network, just to keep their job interesting. You can trust our team to have sharpened skills through working through problems you face every day through their regular partnerships with small to medium sized businesses facing IT problems most common in their environments.

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Experienced Microsoft Certified Technicians

Truewater has a team of Microsoft Certified technicians that perform complex, high-level IT service tasks day in and day out. Our project team technicians do multiple server migrations every week. Because they perform IT support every day, their experience is unsurpassed. We find that small and medium sized businesses rarely require a full-time IT services technician to keep their computers functioning properly. That’s why companies that elect to hire outsourced IT support services, find they get more experienced technicians at a more cost- effective rate than trying to hire technicians in-house. Additionally, there is significant difficulty in hiring and managing in-house technicians rather than outsourcing your IT support services.

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Smart Technology for Managed IT Support

Truewater’s professional managed IT support services team has the expertise to answer your questions and supply the service and support you should expect. Our IT service packages are flexible. So as your business grows and changes you have the ability to scale up or down as needed. We’ll keep your systems operating optimally so you can focus on building revenue and growing your business. At Truewater, our goal is to keep your employees productive, your technology reliable and your data safe.
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Our network operations center provides clients with continual computer monitoring and network support, as well as, help desk support. The sophisticated software we use provides an early warning alert system to ensure computer network uptime.

Whether you need Managed IT Services, help desk, server migration, or cloud computing, Truewater has the expertise you expect. Truewater - smart people and smart technology - that's the IT support Houston businesses need.