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Expert Cybersecurity Services

With IT security being so important to your day-to-day operations, the need for an experienced and responsive IT server and network monitoring company is even more important. The last thing you need is a major security problem to cost you time, money, and possibly your and your employees’ private information. You need a trusted partner who has provided IT security services in Houston for numerous businesses just like yours struggling to understand the ever-changing problems their networks face.

Truewater has served the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Houston for nearly two decades. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to fully understand the networks that uphold your business functions. Through our wide variety of reliable IT security services, we support you as your business grows. We adapt with the constantly changing information technology industry and strategize the next steps, all while reducing downtime and allowing you to maintain your day-to-day operations. Your private information is in good hands with Truewater.


How Does Cybersecurity Work?

At Truewater, we implement advanced IT security strategies that prevent data breaches, unauthorized access, and other IT security threats that your organization’s network may face. We’ll assess your current server and network infrastructure, as well as develop a personalized report that includes recommendations for improving your business’ IT security.

Some common concerns about cybersecurity you might have encountered include:

  • Data breaches – A data breach in your company’s sensitive information can have wide-ranging implications and cause issues of compliance for your business, as well as impact how much others trust you to keep their information secure. Our Houston IT security services help maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information by blocking sophisticated hackers from gaining access to your company’s assets and network.
  • Malware – You or an employee receive a suspicious email and click a link, unknowingly exposing your entire network to malicious software. A malware attack can shut down a company for days or weeks, depending on the severity, and spread to your customers. Our IT security services can help prevent malware before it has a chance to spread throughout your company’s infrastructure.
  • Ransomware – The last thing you want is to discover that someone has not only gained access to your data, but wants you to pay them to gain it back. These scams are typically invalid but scare many business owners into sending tens of thousands of dollars each year to unknown entities looking for a quick buck. You can depend on our robust IT security services in Houston to keep hackers out so you can continue business as usual.
  • Crypto-locker – Viruses that spread to your hardware, including USB drives, are seriously damaging because they can be transferred from one device to another, eventually spreading throughout your network. Our IT specialists are able to identify such an issue and promptly eliminate it so that the virus does not impact your entire network and devices.
  • Phishing – As one of the most common threats to your private information, phishing can repeatedly occur unnoticed, causing significant damage. The attacker disguises themselves as a coworker or friend requesting information via email. Since they portray a false identity, users fall victim to their tactics and provide the information requested without thinking twice. However, our team of cybersecurity specialists is able to target malicious senders by identifying their email address, the timing of their message, and any suspicious attachments.

Benefits of Our IT Security Services in Houston, TX

Since Truewater’s beginning over 20 years ago, our team of expert IT specialists has assisted companies throughout the Houston area with their computer and network security. The cybersecurity industry has experienced many changes throughout the past two decades, and we have both anticipated and adapted to each new development. When you choose Truewater, you receive friendly, helpful, and trained IT professionals that know the industry and keep your information protected.

Truewater offers customizable cybersecurity services and can help your small business succeed — here are some of the primary benefits of using Truewater for your computer and network security:

  • 24/7 Server and Network Monitoring & MaintenanceWe know downtime can be devastating to your business. That’s why we provide nonstop monitoring and maintenance, so no issue goes unnoticed.
  • Firewall & Network SecurityDon’t let just anyone have access to your internal network. Our firewall and network security services ensure that a proper barrier is established between your information and the internet at large.
  • Friendly, Local Support Should you ever experience an issue, our staff is available to answer all your questions and walk you through a solution. Since we’re based in Houston, our specialists are located near you and will provide personalized service.
  • Reduced CostsWhen you choose Truewater, you won’t have to spend precious time and money managing your own IT security, in addition to fixing any issues that may arise. We take care of everything for you, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Access to a Wide Network of IT ProfessionalsWe employ only the best IT specialists, each with their own set of skills. We work as a team to ensure your processes are running smoothly.

IT Security Services Provider in Houston

Truewater is Houston’s premier IT security service provider. We provide network solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries. IT security can be complex, and if you’re struggling to maintain your network while running your business, Truewater can help. Don’t wait until a data breach or unauthorized access issue occurs – contact us today to protect your private information.


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