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Expert Cybersecurity Services

As Houston’s leading IT support provider, we believe in a full spectrum, multi-layered approach to security. At Truewater, our standard services include a wide array of controls for on-site and in-cloud security and 24/7/365 monitoring, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to any suspicious activity

From configuring complex security controls to creating company policies and standards, our technicians will be happy to discuss all your security needs and provide a secure working environment with as much or as little involvement as you desire. Contact us today to experience the difference of expert IT security services in Houston, TX.


Network Security

Truewater’s comprehensive IT security services in Houston cover the spectrum of crucial measures to protect your data. See how we provide robust protection for your systems against ever-evolving threats:

Endpoint Monitoring

We leverage traditional anti-virus and employ several layers of additional security, from system hardening using Microsoft advanced threat protection policies to monitoring endpoint logs, running processes, and system files for known indicators of compromise. This allows real-time response to active threats as they happen and lets Truewater continually review systems to ensure nothing bypasses the antivirus (AV) software.

Network Syslog

Our independent 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) reviews the logs from Office 365, firewalls, and switches, protecting you from advanced persistent threats.

Crypto Miner Detection

Our team analyzes running processes on the endpoint PCs for signs that someone may be using your network to mine cryptocurrency. These processes can waste valuable computer resources, causing your PCs and network to underperform.

Detect Network Connections to Known Cyber-Terrorist Networks

We compare your network traffic against a database on known cyber-terrorist networks to ensure that recognized threats are not accessing your data. In addition, this prevents your network from becoming a relay point for cyber-attacks that could cause your domain to become backlisted or worse.

Event Log Monitoring for Persistent Threats Across All End-User PCs

Event logs from endpoint PCs return to the Security Operations Center for review, matching against an extensive “Indicators of Compromise” library. This active threat hunting helps to safeguard against zero-day exploits and ensure that nothing evades the antivirus software.

Active Firewall Threat Monitoring, Including Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Most modern enterprise-level firewalls incorporate intrusion detection/prevention methods natively. When working with Truewater, technicians collect and review the logs from these intrusion detection systems in real time to ensure safety and security.

Deep Web Monitoring

We provide online monitoring for accounts involved in known third-party breaches/black market password dumps.

Security Patching of PCs/Servers/Network Equipment

Software vendors systematically release updates that address security vulnerabilities or bugs in their software. Truewater helps ensure that whitelisted patches are applied when available.

Microsoft Office 365 Security

From continuous monitoring and analysis to implementing advanced data loss prevention measures, we ensure comprehensive protection for your Microsoft Office 365 products. We stand ready to provide swift and effective IT security solutions so your private data stays private.

  • Microsoft Azure environment monitoring: Logs collected across the entire Azure/Entra environment go to our third-party SOC, where live humans analyze them. Our SOC alerts you of any issues 24/7/365.
  • Active analysis of Office 365 logins, including risk-based analysis: We collect login and email logs and parse them for signs of malicious actions.
  • Intune endpoint management: Truewater leverages Microsoft Intune for device management, which allows for advanced system hardening and data access control, as well as ease of onboarding/offboarding users and devices.
  • Secure score monitoring: Truewater continuously reviews and adjusts more than 300 300 backend security policies, allowing our clients to maintain Microsoft Secure Scores that average over 20 points higher than industry baselines.
  • Backups of Exchange/OneDrive/Teams/SharePoint: We run backups against the entire Office 365 environment, allowing Truewater to restore deleted mail, OneDrive files, and even entire SharePoint sites in moments.
  • Data loss prevention: We work with you to fine-tune the Office 365 data loss options to fit your specific company’s needs. This allows us to catch and prevent data leaks before they happen.
  • Management of Microsoft Conditional Access and Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Whether using push notifications, auth tokens, passwordless, etc., we will discuss and implement the MFA policies and procedures that work best for you.
  • On-staff technicians trained in digital forensics for first-line breach response: In the rare event of any data breach, Truewater employs trained digital forensics experts to act as first responders to track down and seal the breach as quickly as possible.

IT Security Services Provider in Houston

Truewater is Houston’s premier IT security service provider. We provide network solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in various industries. IT security is complex, and your business needs experts to protect your


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