What to Know About OneDrive Cloud Storage

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what to know about OneDrive cloud storage | Truewater

One of the IT industry’s core goals pertains to data management. It’s essential that data be readily accessible for users, secured against prying eyes, and continuously backed up should server failure occur. Companies whose current IT situation doesn’t guarantee the critical aspects of data management should look elsewhere for a reliable, high-performing solution. Microsoft’s OneDrive remains a popular choice among businesses large and small.

What Is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a syncing service similar to other online data storage platforms like Dropbox. However, the data stored in OneDrive resides in Microsoft’s SharePoint online infrastructure at different sites. The most prominent feature is its ability to synchronize your local PC with the data available in SharePoint. The two technologies work together to create a seamless data management experience.

OneDrive is more than just one spot in the cloud to store data – it initiates information transfer to the cloud and back to your local PC. Various terms describe the locations and purposes OneDrive offers, such as:

  • Personal: The location that belongs to the associated user account by default
  • Business: A company-shared location
  • Libraries: SharePoint data that can sync to your PC via OneDrive

OneDrive Features

The OneDrive software provides features that make life easier and safer for students, individuals, and companies. Users can access all files, documents, folders, and photos in Microsoft Windows 11 without taking up critical space on a PC. Additionally, you can scan and store documents, business cards, notes, and more in OneDrive using your smartphone.

Although organizations can purchase storage plans, Microsoft offers significant space in the free version. Users can also access files from anywhere on any device through the free mobile app, providing ease of use.

Why Use Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage provides numerous benefits to companies and individuals. For instance, OneDrive users don’t have to worry about recovering essential files or private information should a PC malfunction. All information remains in the cloud and can be accessed once you log in to your account. Companies entrusted with sensitive client information must ensure security and availability.

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Other notable benefits of cloud storage compared to local PCs or servers include:

  • No external hard drives: No longer will you have to rely upon a laptop with limited physical memory or a USB drive to store files. Cloud storage offers a new level of portability.
  • Easy file sending: You won’t need to upload files to transfer service or send an email. If your files remain in the cloud, you can select and click “share” to send. The recipient can then easily download and view your files.
  • Sync and update remotely: Updating a cloud file means the newer version automatically looks the same on every device. Plus, most cloud storage services include a synchronization feature where you can ensure each file updates to the latest version across all devices.

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