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As the number of companies building an online presence continues to rise, the need for efficient and secure websites is of utmost importance. It’s crucial for your small or medium-sized company’s website to present a positive user experience that includes fast loading times and top-notch security. A managed web hosting provider ensures superior website performance by handling all aspects of maintenance and support.

Truewater is a managed IT services company providing IT support services in Houston. Our 20 years of industry experience have allowed us to provide our clients with a full suite of services according to their needs. We understand the nuances that IT support can bring, and we leverage our expertise to provide professional managed web hosting services. If you’re seeking a reliable, knowledgeable Houston web hosting provider that can also deliver a variety of other IT solutions, contact us today.


Web Hosting Defined

When users access your website, many important steps must occur behind the scenes. A hosting service provider places all files from your site on a server, giving you the space to store your website on the internet. Typically, your site will be stored with other companies’ in the beginning (called shared hosting), but storage upgrades are readily available.

When partnering with a web hosting provider, all aspects of the storage will be handled for you, ensuring that users can access your entire site. Then, when users search your domain name into their browser, the server connects to their computer, tablet, or smartphone, and then displays the stored site files.

What is Managed Web Hosting?

Similar to shared hosting services, a managed web hosting provider owns, operates and maintains servers and other hardware, then leases them to customers. Everything needed to host and maintain a website or other IT asset is included. A hosting service provider is responsible for server management, including updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance, in addition to web hosting duties.

Today, a single server can host dozens or even hundreds of websites and smaller applications at once with no reduction in performance. Therefore, most small and mid-sized businesses don’t require an entire server to host all the applications and websites they need. A managed web hosting provider uses specialized software to allocate resources toward every site and application separately, then delivers them to the web server for user access.

All customers with sites and applications on the server therefore have access to the resources within it, such as:

  • Storage (disk space)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Processing power (CPU)

With the help of a managed web hosting provider, even the smallest of companies can host a professional, efficient, and accessible website for a low monthly cost. Plus, managed providers also specialize in other IT support services that can be added as needed. The main goal is to ensure every site and application are running smoothly at all times. Additional services include:

Benefits of Our Managed Web Hosting Services

Our managed web hosting services allow companies like yours to unload all the day-to-day IT management and hosting responsibilities to a trusted third party. Therefore, instead of burdening your internal IT team with the everyday mundane tasks, they can be involved with high-level projects related to business growth. Additionally, costs are reduced, since our managed web hosting eliminates the need to purchase large equipment yourself.

Choosing our managed web hosting means your applications and sites will be fully and truly optimized. We have the knowledge and experience to customize your infrastructure and ensure peak performance. You’ll also enjoy higher levels of cybersecurity than you could by your lonesome. We strive to not only secure critical, sensitive information, but to also comply with stringent data protection policies. That’s why we offer a safe and stable web hosting environment strong enough to fight and deter cyberattacks, threats, and hacks.

As your business grows, so too will your website needs. Additional pages, files, traffic, and more can slow down a site, requiring an increase in storage capacity. It’s our aim for your website to be successful both now and in the future, so you can choose from our variety of upgrade options. Whether you need better ways to navigate traffic influxes, more powerful servers, or the ability to resolve technical issues, we’re here to simplify the process and improve your site.

Why Choose Truewater?

When you select Truewater as your Houston web hosting provider, you’ll receive a full suite of personalized services to ensure your site, applications, and IT infrastructure are performing optimally. We understand how problematic web outages can be to a small or mid-sized business, so if any issues do arise, we will work to resolve them and minimize downtime. Plus, we’re always here to assist you and offer support.

We’ve helped numerous businesses with reliable and affordable IT solutions for the past 20 years. Technology is ever changing, so you need an IT and managed web hosting partner that remains flexible and knowledgeable. We utilize a variety of methods and infrastructure setups to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible. Our professionals know the computer industry inside and out, and have leveraged their expertise to help companies grow.

Get Started with Your Houston Web Hosting Today

In the digital age, poor user experience can be detrimental to your business. Slow loading times, errors, and outages will lead users away from your site and your company. However, the managed web hosting services from Truewater keep your site secure, efficient, and user-friendly. We handle all aspects of website hosting, maintenance, updates, and technical support, in addition to a slew of IT solutions. Contact us today to partner with our technology team for web hosting in Houston and experience the benefits firsthand.


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