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Truewater is a managed IT services company that provides IT Support, IT Consulting, Computer Network Services, IT Security, Cloud Computing, and Backup and Disaster Recovery.


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IT Services & Security For Any Industry

When it comes to IT Services, Truewater is the Small Business expert. For close to 20 years, we’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses in Houston, Texas with reliable, affordable IT support. Our Houston-based network operation center monitors, supports, and maintains hundreds of client sites using state-of-the-art technology. The center is one of the most high-tech offices in Houston.

Our experienced team of computer experts implement business products, such as SharePoint Integration, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and AWS (Amazon Web Services). If you have concerns about data breaches, malware, ransomware, or cryptolocker, call Truewater for help today.

IT Service Provider in Houston, TX

Whether you are looking for IT support, a cloud computing solution, a server project or IT security, selecting the right managed service provider is a significant business decision.

Matching your IT service with your business goals…

To design an IT support plan, Truewater starts with an audit of your current computer system. This computer network audit is performed by highly skilled computer experts. Then we provide a roadmap that budgets your IT service needs for computer and server refreshes, software purchases and security requirements for the next few years. This plan aligns your business strategy with your IT support spend. You can eliminate expensive, unexpected IT support costs. It’s much better to have IT services delivered on a well-designed timeline than to have unexpected or unplanned computer costs hit your bottom line.

Proactively preventing your computer issues…

Truewater technicians train on well-defined and documented IT support standards for the servers, firewalls, switches, WAPs, and failover devices. Computer service requests are tracked in our advanced ticketing system. We analyze IT support tickets for trends that indicate systemic computer network issues. Advanced automated alerting spotlights critical computer network and IT security issues which we address quickly. Issues with desktops, laptops, or computer networks are caught before significant IT support issues arise. Keep your employees productive, your technology reliable, and your data safe.

Ready when you need us…

Our manpower planning model ensures we have the people to quickly meet your IT service requests. Contact our computer technicians right away, day or night at our Houston based help desk center. By keeping your computer network running smoothly, we are never overwhelmed with IT service requests. Through proactive measures, you get a quieter computer network and more productive computer users, i.e. you and your employees.

Truewater wants to be your long-term IT services provider, helping you make sound, strategic computer network decisions. Computer support dollars spent right mean success. For the last 18 years and today Truewater professionals help small to medium-sized companies grow.

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Welcome to Truewater IT Support Center

We invite you to tour our network operations center. You can see a virtual tour online, but we encourage you to see our IT helpdesk center in operation. Get a firsthand glimpse of the IT service desk tools display, both on the technician’s four personal monitors and on large screens throughout our office. Experience Truewater’s technical team in action as we manage our client’s IT service requests in a calm, organized, and professional way.

Talk to our project management team about their project methodologies. Examine our staging area where we have the capacity to bench hundreds of computers at a time. Meet our management team and learn our culture. We welcome you and hope to see you soon. Call us for a tour today at (713) 869-0001 Ext 5.

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