Retail & Restaurant

Let’s see how a robust IT can boost your sales

Especially when resources are limited, small- and medium-sized retail and restaurant businesses should focus on enhancing their business value, and not on fixing or maintaining their IT systems. This is how Truewater comes in. At Truewater, we provide retail and restaurant businesses with IT services that cater to your every need. The time has come when you can focus entirely on offering excellent goods and services to your customers, and forget all about IT hassles.

Truewater’s IT services equip retail businesses and restaurant owners with:

  • Secure and rapid transaction - send data to and receive data from stores, regional offices, and headquarters securely and rapidly
  • Enhanced collaboration - make use of calls, SMS, IM, screen sharing, VDO conferences, multi-party chats, and desktop sharing
  • Customer Engagement - provide a secure wireless network in your store to empower employees and increase customer loyalty, and leverage data about guest Wi-Fi user behavior for future target marketing strategies