NeverDown - Redundant Wireless Internet

Prevent internet outages from interrupting your business with NeverDown, the backup internet connection that automatically kicks in and keeps your entire office connected when your primary internet connection fails.

NeverDown is our own wireless internet solution based on 4G LTE wireless technology boasting average download speeds of 14.3Mbps and an average upload speed of 8.5Mbps with very low latency. That is almost 10X the speed of a typical dedicated T1! The speed and reliability of the current generation 4G LTE networks means that it is now practical to use 4G LTE as an affordable backup source for internet. Couple this technology with one of our managed firewalls which has the ability to automatically re-route internet traffic if the primary internet link fails and this solution will reduce costly downtime and ensure your team can get their work done even when your primary internet connection fails.

Wireless vs. Wired Internet

Using wireless as a backup internet link makes more sense, because wireless bypasses the vulnerable "last mile". Wireless is generally unaffected by flooding, traffic accidents, falling trees and the like. Furthermore, there are generally 2-4 towers that can be reached if the primary fails. If a second land based ISP is used, and they are on the same pole, trench or pipe they can easily suffer the same fate rendering the backup useless. Wireless, however, is not suitable for primary internet due to the higher cost of the data.

How it Works

Your managed firewall is configured to send pings to reliable internet entities like Google and Yahoo every 5 seconds. If both of those sites are unavailable the firewall switches over to the NeverDown Wireless Internet link. When the primary comes back online, the firewall switches back to it. You generally won’t realize there is a problem as the switch happens quickly and the speed and latency is generally as good, or better than your primary internet link.

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