Standardized IT For a Better Business

By February 28, 2019 May 13th, 2019 Business Continuity, Security
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By: Ryan Rundell
Truewater Director of Business Development

There is something to be said for complex equations like the general theory of relativity or the Euler’s equation. Einstein’s theory of relativity helps us understand gravity and its impact on the warping of the fabric we know as space and time. But is this really the level of complexity you need to support your business IT needs?

So why when you walk into your server room or speak to someone about your business IT do you feel like they are trying to create the next Gaussian Integral? Not to mention most server rooms look like Charlotte’s Web, server rooms are generally extraordinarily complex and pieced together with equipment from all over. The truth is that the more simplified your IT is, the better off your business will be. In the IT world, the critical word here is a standardized business class network.

To put this in context of a quick story, I met with a C-level employee at a company this week about his needs to hire a company to help him manage his network. He had become too busy with another part of the business and needed to hand off the management of his network. I explained as an IT managed service provider we installed and provided a standardized business-class network that all our techs understand like the back of their hand. We engineered our stack that was proven to work well together, provided granular insight to the network, it was cloud-managed, and it included one of the most robust backup and disaster recovery systems on the market.

He responded that he had built his unique network over the years between three locations. He and he alone knew precisely how this network ran. He exclaimed that he had configured and set up the firewalls, the network and did not want to change a thing. Nothing was standardized, and everything was custom set up based only on his know how. What he did not stop to think about was his custom network was now complicated for anyone other than himself to manage. Whomever he now gets to help him support his custom network will need to be trained explicitly on that network. If that person, he teaches ever moves on the next person again will need to be retrained on that network. From the company’s standpoint if they ever lose the one person who created the complex system, it is going to be very complicated for the next person to come in and try to understand his custom complex network. Is this really the best network for the business or is it what is best suited to what this one IT person knows?

This is what makes working with a managed service provider so beneficial for any business. A mature MSP will have developed a standardized network that they have all their technical engineers trained to. Not only their technicians but most techs in the industry will have the ability to figure it out if needed. A good MSP will have set up security and network best practices that are standard industry-wide. They will put in business class equipment that is known for up time and able to handle business workloads for a minimum of five to seven years plus. Their model will be built around simplifying and standardizing your network to maximize not only up time for your business but to also untangle to the complexity of the entire network.

Lots of companies out there today have an IT guy who has custom built their own “special” network that they alone understand, and maybe they even saved a few bucks here and there along the way. On the other hand, the company is at the mercy of that one person’s knowledge of how the custom network is set up, and they are betting all the company data on it. Don’t bet your company data on a custom elixir that revolves around one person’s custom playground. A business is far better off with an MSP that utilizes business class equipment, follows industry-wide standards, and has developed a standardized network stack for your business.

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