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By October 26, 2017 Android
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Microsoft Edge is a great browser — it’s fast, clean, and has every feature you need. But alas, few people use it. So in an attempt to encourage PC users who also own an Android or iOS device to use Edge, the company is moving the browser to mobile platforms. Read on for more details.

Why Microsoft is expanding Edge to mobile

Microsoft’s Windows Phone is dead. So as a new mobile strategy, Microsoft has decided to bring the Edge browser to iOS and Android phones in hopes of expanding the browser’s reach. Doing so helps with Microsoft brand recognition, and gives mobile users a reason to stick to Windows-based desktops.

What’s new in Edge for Android

The highlight of Microsoft Edge for Android is the “Continue on PC” feature, which enables you to move between mobile and desktop browsers without starting a browsing session from scratch. Beyond convenience, this feature is also helpful for viewing sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices.

Edge for Android also syncs Favorites, New Tab Pages, and Reading Lists between your phone and PC. And even if you’re not using Edge for the cross-comparability with your desktop, the clean Reading View feature is an excellent way to declutter articles on your mobile device.

If you assumed Microsoft would restrict Edge’s search engine to Bing, you’d be wrong — the default search engine can be set to Google, Yahoo, or others.

How to get the beta version

You can try the beta Microsoft Edge for Android by signing up for the preview in the Google Play Store. For now, Edge for Android is in US English only, but the company said it plans to include other languages as the preview expands.

The official launch of Microsoft Edge for Android will be later this year. It will likely come with other announcements, such as tablet support.

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