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Susan Aldridge


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Why I do this…

I started Truewater in 2001 with a vision of bringing professional IT solutions to businesses in Houston, Texas. I had run several small businesses and could identify with the challenges other business owners faced. Computer technology is complex and critical for every business. And, technology continually changes, so it can be daunting for business owners to manage. It is here that I knew I could help other businesses with guidance and expertise.

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My journey in the computer industry…

When I completed my MBA, I moved to Chicago to work for an IT Service Company marketing UNIX software to large corporations. But I’m a southern girl and soon discovered that Chicago has harsh winters and isn’t nearly as friendly as Texas. While I hated to admit it, that move was a mistake for me. So, I packed up everything and headed back to Houston, friends, and family. I started working for a software development company doing software beta testing and technical writing. I am a whiz at crashing software and finding bugs in the code, but this job still didn’t fill me with joy. I landed a contract with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), which is now Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services, to write a training manual for a new banking software. It was a sweet gig but didn’t last forever.  The EDS contract paved the way for me to head up the southern California region for an Information Technology publisher. I moved to California and managed the territory from Santa Barbara south to San Diego. It was fun and different, but eventually I heard Houston calling me home again.

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My entrepreneurial journey…

After many years of working in the computer technology industry, I started several companies—some successful and some not so. My first solo venture was a computer training company. Next, I had a residential remodeling company, then a retail operation with stores in malls throughout Houston, then a telecommunications company, and then an internet marketing company. I worked crazy hours and paid myself peanuts but loved the challenge and the journey.

The love of the IT industry…

I was born before the personal computer revolution and can remember when computers were bigger than your living room. When I was young, I could not imagine running a managed services company. That kind of company didn’t even exist. It’s thrilling and challenging to be in an industry that changes so rapidly.

I’m not a technician. I’m a business owner. And I’d love to help you with your business’ computer technology needs, because this is what I understand and love.

– Susan Aldridge