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Momo Foster

CSO – Office Manager, Accounting

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I have been with Truewater since its inception and have worked for Susan Aldridge for over 20 years! My journey working for Susan originally began by providing customer service for a telecommunications company that she owned. From there, I was given the space and opportunity to become a pro at programming and repairing electronics. I gained knowledge in both wireless telecommunications and retail management. All our work was heavily dependent upon computers, so network support was always needed. It was a natural outcome for the company’s focus to move toward IT support.

The Beginning of IT Support…

Our experience and knowledge allowed us to begin providing IT support to other companies. Our services assist business owners with their IT so that they can focus on their business growth. My degree in Business Management and Accounting and my passion for creating efficient processes helped Truewater become better at providing IT support to other Houston companies.

While I continue to learn about business IT solutions, I have the privilege of learning from extremely talented computer technicians. As my expertise in customer service, accounting, management and operations have grown, I have become an avid supporter of technology and enjoy doing computer and software troubleshooting myself.

To increase my knowledge in managed services, I became a ConnectWise Certified Professional Expert. This is a degree offered by one of the top-rated software companies used by IT Service Providers all over the world. It is Truewater’s main line of business and is used for help desk ticketing, IT consulting services, IT procurement and the documentation of all the hardware and software Truewater supports.

Fun Things I Do (Besides IT Support)…

Outside of IT support, I’ve had a series of ventures including owning a cake and cupcake business, leading a Roller Derby sports team and being a part of the league’s Financial and Public Relations Committees. Today, I enjoy traveling and educating fitness instructors across the globe in POUND Pro Fitness. This is a fun and unique fitness program that combines athletic movement and music.

My passion is to work with all my heart in everything I do and to continue to educate myself. I am honored to be a part of a company that gives me that opportunity.

 – Momo Foster