Logistics & Transportation

Say goodbye to IT congestion and a bumpy ride

Road rage rarely happens when traffic is well managed. The same goes for your IT. At Truewater, we’re here to guarantee your smooth ride. From proactive managed IT services, a disaster recovery plan, to our NeverDown solution, Truewater promises to clear the road of any traffic blocking your business’s pathway to success.

IT services from Truewater offer logistics and transportation businesses:

  • High availability - we guarantee that your systems have 99.99% uptime for the smoothest journey.
  • Technology utilization - from accessing real freight data to invoice reconciliation and payment systems, we streamline all your processes with our best-in-class technology.
  • IES/Descartes software integration - our systems work well with the leading cloud-based logistics and transportation management software such as IES/Descartes.