Resolve every IT case

One data breach can prove fatal for your entire business and reputation. As a legal practitioner, you need an IT system that prioritizes your and your clients’ privacy, and that’s what we do best. Our services employ advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to keep everything confidential. We make sure all your data is backed up and secure, and we empower you with the benefits of the cloud. All these are to prepare you for the next trial.

With IT services from Truewater, we:

  • Prioritize confidentiality - our data encryption technology keeps your and your clients’ data secure and private.
  • Streamline collaboration - our secure cloud computing and VoIP services allow you to share files, make phone calls, or have video conferences at a lower cost.
  • Keep your data backed up - our disaster recovery plan reduces the chance of data loss to almost zero.
  • Integrate legal management software - we specialize in integrating legal practice management software such as Time Matters and Amicus.