IT Helpdesks Do a Lot More than Just Day-to-Day Support

By August 15, 2017 November 20th, 2023 Articles

IT helpdesk solutions have evolved enormously in recent years thanks to advances in technology such as remote desktop assistance and cloud software deployments. With these new technologies, IT helpdesks can now be every bit as effective as on-site support teams, albeit at a much lower cost. Thanks to remote helpdesk services, smaller businesses that can’t afford a dedicated IT support team can now enjoy taking advantage of the latest IT without all the headaches. Nonetheless, modern helpdesk solutions can do a lot more than just offer everyday support – they’ve now become invaluable informational resources.

Ongoing technology education

A helpdesk solution helps people help themselves. After all, not everyone is convinced that technology can replace face-to-face interactions. Our IT helpdesk staff can guide your employees through fixing issues, even to the point of walking them through each step using remote desktop assistance software. Aside from helping people fix problems, a helpdesk team can also assist your employees with ongoing technology education. From invaluable security tips on avoiding social engineering scams to fixing everyday computer issues, helpdesk staff are your one-stop shop for advice.

Troubleshooting in real time

Trawling through the search engines to find ways to fix common computer problems is hardly an efficient approach, and it can take many hours to find a solution. A helpdesk team exists to provide real-time support by walking your employees through the troubleshooting process, typically using remote desktop software. Having the necessary expertise to call upon whenever you need it allows you to resolve problems in less time, thus increasing employee productivity, boosting motivation and minimizing downtime. Once your team members know how to request help, they’ll be able to do so and get back to work as soon as possible.

Get more out of downtime

Every business knows that downtime can be costly. Some problems take longer to fix than others, regardless of the capabilities of your helpdesk team. But with a reliable helpdesk, downtime will be kept to a controlled minimum, as defined by the provider’s service level agreement (SLA). When your employees experience little to no downtime, they’ll be able to dedicate their time to other important tasks, such as updating systems, auditing configuration settings, or even learning how to better use the applications they rely on.

Excellent accessibility

Web-based IT helpdesks allow your team to call for support whenever they need it and no matter where they’re located. Do you have employees who work at home or on the move? Do you have customers all over the world who need an immediate solution when a product stops working? Web-based helpdesk services are available anywhere there’s an internet connection, regardless of the device they’re using. Opening a support ticket takes just a few clicks and saves you time from chasing down a support team.

Here at Truewater, we understand just how much modern businesses rely on their computers. That’s why we use a combination of cutting-edge technology and our expertise to offer immediate IT helpdesk support to your end users. Contact us today for our IT support services in Houston to learn how we can help set your business up for future success.



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