Business Critical Disaster Recovery & Backup

By January 21, 2019 August 11th, 2023 Business Continuity, Security
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Is your business covered?

In designing the technological needs of your company, it can be easy to overlook backup-disaster solutions, as it can quickly appear very costly and time-consuming to manage. However, this is a vital part of business continuity, as backup and disaster recovery plans are the critical role players when a company runs into multitudes of potential threats to their I.T. security. Failures of a business network can come from Ransomware, CryptoLocker, Flood, Fire, or even just hardware failure. It is many times not until a company experiences these failures do they realize how omnipotent a robust disaster backup and recovery system is to the viability of their business operations.

There have been numerous times when our technicians have taken calls concerning missing company files or folders that are critical in the day-to-day operations of a business. While many users can be only one click away from removing an entire folder that could contain crucial information, the risk of malware or ransomware adds to the risk of losing costly information that could easily cost a company millions of dollars. Excluding a reliable backup-disaster solution may be on the minds of many executives but saving a buck in that regard will lead to other serious financial issues, such as bankruptcy or lawsuits. In the ever-growing underworld of the dark web of online crime, it a matter of when not if a hacker will attempt to get into a business network.

Our team implements a very competent backup-disaster solution that not only doubles as a file backup service but can also run any server that is compatible with our solution. This means that if your company has a server that becomes unresponsive and all actions to bring it back to life fail, we can spin up an exact clone of that server on our backup device, as it was before it became unresponsive. This will allow our skilled techs to plan and re-deploy the server back on its original hardware. Mostly, this action will make it seem like the server almost never crashed.

There are many options and plans for your business through Truewater’s backup and IT disaster recovery solutions in Houston. Don’t be confused by the consumer-grade options that are not suitable for business continuity. The difference many times will be between recovery time of hours and weeks. Come to Truewater today, and let’s explore the right plan for your business!



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