5 Incredible Ways VoIP Improves Customer Service

By February 26, 2018 VoIP
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Customer retention and satisfaction are crucial for any business, and it’s your ability to communicate that makes the distinction between success and failure. To ensure that your customers have a great experience every time they call in for help or advice, you’ll need to have a communications infrastructure you can depend on. Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems can make an enormous difference in this regard. Here are a few reasons why.

#1. Improved Accessibility

Remember the days when the only way for employees to receive a call was when they were sitting at their desk in the office? With VoIP, there are no such limitations, especially if you opt for a cloud-hosted system that’s accessible through any internet-enabled device.

Since VoIP is accessible anywhere with an internet connection, it increases workforce flexibility and mobility. For example, employees will be able to take calls at home or use their smartphones if they’re on the move. Furthermore, business VoIP systems support call rerouting so incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the mobile phone or landline the relevant customer service representative is using.

#2. Better Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most vital business tools, and that’s why it must work seamlessly with your communications infrastructure. Many cloud-hosted VoIP systems offer integrations with leading CRM platforms, allowing employees to easily access the information they need about a customer during a call.

With real-time calling data at their fingertips, your call center staff can ensure that all interactions with your customers offer valuable business insights. They’ll also be able to save time, since any pre-existing caller data will be right there in front of them, and that means being able to deliver better customer service.

#3. Optimized Auto-Attendants

One of the most important characteristics of a robust communications infrastructure is a system that makes sure customers get to speak to the right department or person as soon as possible. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a dedicated helpdesk team to do that.

With VoIP auto-attendants, your business will be equipped to provide a consistently high level of service. These systems can direct callers to the right department and make your business look more professional.

#4. Powerful Coaching Tools

Training new employees on how to handle calls used to be a lot more complicated before VoIP changed the entire process. For example, an awkward call would have to be physically taken over by a supervisor. What’s more, ongoing calls could only be monitored, which meant problems couldn’t be dealt with in real time.

Business-grade VoIP systems introduce several invaluable coaching tools into the equation that let supervisors assist and train staff while they’re actually on a call. For example, you can ‘whisper’ to employees on calls without interrupting the caller, or you can use the ‘barge’ function to take over a call whenever necessary.

#5. Interdepartmental Communication

A lack of good interdepartmental communication is a common reason for inadequate customer service and poor overall business performance . After all, no customer is interested in hearing excuses about how your support department can’t keep up with the sales and dispatch team.

VoIP doesn’t just benefit customer service in direct ways – it also influences support indirectly. By offering a completely free and fully integrated communications platform, VoIP has the potential to make your internal communication challenges a thing of the past. VoIP systems also offer sophisticated conference calling features that ensure reliable and high-quality communications in virtually any situation.

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